Choose the Best Jacket Type for Your Power Cord Application

What you need to know to ensure your final product is durable, reliable and operates both safely and efficiently.

3D-Cover Power Cord Jackets 0,25xWhen designing a power cord, selecting a jacket type is one of the most important steps. The right jacket material ensures your cord will successfully meet the requirements of your unique application—and reduces the possibility of product failure.

Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable's latest eBook, Power Cords Volume 1: The Best Jacket Type for Your Application, is the first volume in our power cord series. Power Cords: Jackets reviews:

  • The key characteristics to consider when determining the best jacket material type
  • UL and CSA cord variations and the qualities of each unique cord type
  • The benefits and disadvantages of various jacket materials
  • And more.

Power Cords: Jackets eliminates any guesswork or confusion, so you can rest assured that you are selecting the best jacket type for your needs. 

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