Power Cords Volume 2: Standards Across the Globe

3D-Cover Power Cord Standards 0,25xThe growing use of electronics and electrical devices throughout the entire world presents a range of new opportunities for OEMs, as well as plenty of challenges. One of the biggest is to understand the widely varying voltage frequencies, plug patterns, standards, and certifications for each country and region.

Knowing how they differ and what is specific to every country—as well as how to eliminate much of the confusion—is the key to meeting the world’s demands while overcoming the challenges. With this in mind, Consolidated has created a new eBook, Power Cords Volume 2: Standards Across the Globe.

Our new informative eBook contains:

  • A comprehensive chart of plug standards for every country
  • A visual guide to plug patterns for every region/country
  • Explanations of the certification mark organizations, varying by country/region
  • A detailed list of the regional and international regulating bodies

This eBook takes much of the research and guess work out of the process, breaking down all of the information in an easy-to-follow way, while also underscoring the importance of working with a power cord supplier who knows everything about the varying patterns, frequencies, standards, and certifications.

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